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The furniture is regarded as the focal point of any place, whether it be a home, office, or commercial space. In modern office settings, the furniture plays a significant part in the workplace's ambience, providing a secure and pleasant environment for all of the people working there. Comfort is only one aspect of office furniture's significance. We may not realise how important furniture is to employee productivity and the smooth operation of a company.

Larger furniture should be placed against the walls to make the most of the available space. Again, walkways and areas for movement are crucial, so clearing these areas is essential to creating the impression of a spacious workplace if you ever want to adjust your furniture to match the size of your workspace.

Budgeting for office furnishings will always be an issue, which is why Cubig Furniture have developed the New 99999 Offer, in which we will provide you the Complete Office Furniture with most essential pieces in order to make your office a highly productive workplace.

This new 99999 offer is specifically designed for start-up businesses and Small businesses by Cubig Furniture that can afford it on a small budget while still being viable and useful. It can be hassle-free and up to standard because you won't have to waste time picking out and matching the table and chairs because a suitable set will already be delivered to your location.

The pieces that will be provided in this combo are listed below.


Your office is a popular destination for guests. Significantly, the furnishings might give potential customers a positive initial impression of your company.

Provide clients and visitors with the greatest office furniture when they visit your location, maybe for a conference or an interview. This will ensure their comfort. Affordably designed and aesthetically pleasing items for the workplace are frequently on the minds of business owners.

Here are the Desks that are provided by Cubig Furniture.

  1. Executive Desk (1 qty.)
  2. Manager Desk (1 qty.)
  3. Staff Desk (1 qty.)


When working, you spend the majority of your time seated in a chair. It is crucial to feel at ease and unwind so that you are not stressed out or unable to concentrate when working.

In contrast to ordinary office chairs, executive chairs maintain the position in a manner that prevents individuals from experiencing lower back or spinal problems. Your shoulders, lower back, and hips are well supported by these chairs, preventing injuries.

Here are the Chairs that are provided by Cubig Furniture.

  1. Executive Chair (1 qty.)
  2. Manager Chair (1 qty.)
  3. Staff Chair (6 qty.)
  4. Visitors Chair (1 qty.)

Sofa (1 qty.):

To ensure that your customers and visitors are comfortable while they wait for a meeting or anything else, we are offering you a medium-sized sofa here in the 99999 offer. The Cubig furniture company offers Comfortable and Beautiful Sofa, which are necessary and also spacious.

Cabinet (1 qty.):

There are numerous types of storage cabinets that are made to accommodate the user's needs for storage. These filing cabinets assist you in keeping files organised while making use of available space. For both household and office customers, storage cabinets may be the ideal answer.

It is indisputable that storage cabinets have a wealth of advantages that increase the office's productivity and usability. They provide plenty of space, are multifunctional, secure, and keep the office from getting cluttered.

Therefore, if you're seeking Quality Office Furniture for a Minimum Price of Rs. 99999 with Delivery in a Specific Areas, this fantastic deal is for you.

The following furniture is included in this offer:

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