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Buy Plastic Furniture - Nilkamal | Supreme | Mango | Cello

October 8, 2022

Cubig Furniture has been known for its wooden furniture and wanted to do something out of the box for their customers, So they decided to pair up with some of the most known companies of Plastic furniture.

Furnishings not only finish off a house; they also take up a lot of room and are an essential component of interior design. In order to warm up the home, choose the appropriate furniture that fits the area. The home's furnishings take away your discomfort and provide you with mental delight when you arrive after a busy day at work.

Why Plastic Furniture?

Today, plastic furniture is a necessity for every space, including our patios at home, our workplaces, and even public spaces like restaurants. Basically furniture has three materials, namely plastic, wood, and metal, which are primarily used to make furniture. Now, if you believe that plastic furniture is made of cheap material, you are unaware of the many advantages of high-quality plastic furniture, which is not only durable but also beautiful.

They require almost no maintenance. Plastic is rust-free and does not need to be painted. The majority of plastic furniture is constructed of recycled plastic, which may also be recycled once more. You can lessen the amount of trees harvested for wood furniture by using plastic furniture. Furniture made of plastic is less expensive than that made of wood or metal. It is not only affordable but also attractive and comfortable to match any household design. Plastic is often lightweight, so dropping it won't do much harm. They are one of the better solutions to use in the rain because they are typically waterproof or, should we say, whether proof.

Cubig furniture have collaborated with following companies: Nilkamal | Supreme | Mango | Cello


Nilkamal is India's favourite furniture brand .As a business, Nilkamal places the highest value on the quality of its products. Nilkamal is now without a doubt the market leader for moulded plastic as a result of this. For the purpose of enhancing the emotion and appeal of your glossy interiors, the company has expanded this expertise to include Nilkamal's line of ready furniture. Following are the products offered by Nilkamal: Armless Chair, Cafeteria, Centre Table, Crystal-PC, Crystal-PP, Dining Table, Freedom Series, Highback, Mid Back, Stools, Kids' World, Laundry Basket, Life Style, Premium Chairs, Racks & Trolleys, Sofa Set, Storage Box, Waste Bin.


The top plastic processing business in India is Supreme Industries Limited, which has seven business divisions. Injection moulding, rotational moulding (ROTO), extrusion, compression moulding, blow moulding, and other types of plastic processing are among the areas in which the company has ventured.

The wide range of plastic products offered by Supreme Industries Limited are: Lacquer Finish, Premium Collection,Love Sofa Set, Armless Chairs, Centre Tables,Dining Tables, Miscellaneous Furniture,Cupboard Range,Multi Purpose Utility Products, ROTO Moulded Range,Kinds Furniture, Shoe Rack.


Every month, MANGO Furniture manufactures nearly a million pieces of contemporary plastic furniture using 100% virgin polymers and computerised designer art moulds. Following are the products offered by Mango: Economical Chair, Premium Chair, Medium Chair, Armless, Baby Chair, Stools, Table, Others


One of the top exporters of household goods is "Cello," which provides the biggest retail chains worldwide. The numerous plastic goods that Cello offers include: Cafeteria Collections, Centre Tables, Comfort Collection, Dining Tables, Horeca collection, Infiniti Collection, Kind Collection, Lifestyle Collection, Organiser Collection, Premium Collection, Rattan Collection, Stools, Storage Collection.

We are only willing to provide our customers with the widest range of possibilities by working with these businesses. Our customers are our top priority, and we value their pleasure and contentment above anything else. It is our responsibility to recommend the best and most appropriate goods and services to our customers.


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